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I am happy to introduce my new wooden Dreidel and Spinning Top Collection for Chanuka 2020. You will find many new, original and never seen before wooden dreidels and beautifully hand painted spinning tops. I am also very proud to be the importer and distributor for the Original Tedco Gyroscope. The Tedco Gyroscope is a iconic, educational and fun classic toy that has been manufactured in the United States since 1917. 

This fun Dreidel and Top collection was inspired by a wooden pull-string Dreidel given to me on Chanuka by my grandmother OBM when I was 9 years old -I still have the Dreidel!:). I am sure that my collection will inspire and create wonderful Chanuka holiday memories like the Dreidel I was given.

Happy Chanuka! -Josh Phaff

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