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Adults and kids alike will be fascinated and mesmerized by the long smooth balanced spin. Handcrafted from pure ivory wood and skillfully hand painted by an expert artist using %100 natural vegetable based colors. Just hold the middle round ring with one hand and quickly pull the string with the other hand. Quickly let go of the string and watch the top spin before you. This beautiful Top is a master piece of art that will take you a step back in time . Choose your color in the drop down menu.


  • Painted with %100 natural vegetable based colors.
  • Available in four different color combonations: red, yellow, green, orange
  • Packaged in a quality cotton drawstring pouch 
  • Non toxic safe paint
  • Top size: 6.5cm wide x 9.5cm high
  • Ages 7+


Price is for a single item. Multiple items are shown. Each sold separately.

Self Winding Top

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