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Fidget Spinner meets Chanukah Dreidel. This unique spinner is the first dreidel that can be played both in Israel and abroad. The universal design of the Fidget Dreidel unifies the Jewish people throughout the world by having one side representing the phrase "a great miracle happened there," (.נ.ג.ה.ש) while the reverse side representing "a great miracle happened here." (.נ.ג.ה.פ)  This is first Dreidel in the history of the Jewish people to have both sets of letters -its a Dreidel of Unity!


Available in two designs: white with blue letters and black wtih colored letters. Buy both designs with the "Combo Pack" and save money! 


- Molded from durable and flexible non-toxic silicone so your spinner wont break when it drops.

- High quality ball barrings give an amazingly long smooth spin.

- The arrow on the Menorah indicates which letter you spin so you can actually play a game of Dreidel.

- Great spinning fun for Chanuka and all year round!

- Recommended for ages 3 and up.



Fidget Spinner Dreidel

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