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This spinning top is remarkable because it tends to defy gravity while it is spinning. This Upside-Down spinning top,often referred to as the Tippe Top, has a rather unique quality. If spun fast enough, it actually turns itself upside down and spins on its stem all by itself! Originally patented back in 1891 by Helene Sperl of Germany, Danish engineer Werner Ostberg created his own version in 1950. His inspiration came from a visit to South America where he had seen locals playing with a small, round fruit. When they turned it by the stalk, much like an old-fashioned spinning top, it would spin for a second and the invert itself and spin on its stalk.  Who says spinning tops are just for kids!? You may need a PhD in physics to figure out how it works!;)


Recommended for ages 8+

Price is for a single item. Multiple items are shown. Each sold separately.

The Upside Down Spinning Top

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