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At Real Slates, we offer a wide variety of products chiseled from nature’s canvas. Slate, in all its versatility, is able to be handcrafted into countless, multipurpose items. Our chalkboards are designed for both home and school use. In addition to our standard classroom set, we offer more traditional chalkboards, featuring wooden frames, which add a decorative, rustic touch.

If looking for something more whimsical, we offer a selection of shaped slates. Also suitable for writing and sketches, some of our forms include animals, hearts, even beer mugs! With a hanger made of natural jute, they are the perfect natural accessory for any home or office.

Manufactured in Portugal, our slates are 100% natural surfaces, and are suitable for writing and drawing practice as well as professional lettering. Erasers made of wool felt, as well as our chalk pencils and sharpeners are all the tools you will need to customize and make your slate your own.

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