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  • Genuine – A lot of fake tree pencils come with fancy claims of lasting for a long time, but their quality deteriorates quickly after purchase. These pencils are manufactured using authentic wood of the finest quality, so rest assured they won’t break or crack easily.
  • Convenient – Always have some wooden pencils in your work station at the office or on your desk at home. You can also keep a few of these wooden pencils on your bedside table, in the living room, or dining space, as they are incredibly handy when you need to jot down information quickly.
  • Versatile – These remarkable graphite pencils are well-suited for outdoor activities and groups such as boy/girl scouts, camping party supplies, hunting trips with friends, and so on. They work as grand wedding favors too.
  • Natural Appearance – Each pencil is made from real tree branches, so no two pieces are same. Notice that the scratches and pallor of wood have been kept as intact as possible, so the natural look isn’t spoilt. These pencils are fantastic décor elements and look marvelous even if you are just displaying them.
  • Ideal Gift – Do you have a friend who is an artist? Or is someone in the family a budding writer? This is a lovely opportunity to present a gift that is unique and enjoyable at the same time. A set of rustic wooden pencils will be much appreciated by them!

Wooden Tree-Twig Pencil

₪15.00 Regular Price
₪10.00Sale Price
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