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This Spilled Wine Bottle Holder is a unique, fun and surprising way of storing and displaying your wine bottles. The optical illusion of wine spilling out or being poured of the bottle actually holds the wine bottle at the correct angle.


Storing wine at an angle keeps corks from drying and wine from oxidizing, and this designed holder does the job with a sense of humor - rest the neck on top and it looks like wine is pouring out. A fun way to display a favorite bottle or to wow your guests. 


  • UNIQUE WINE RACK - This mini wine rack is a fun and creative way to display your wine. A perfect design that gives your guests a unique surprise.
  • GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE - Minimal enough to not take away from the bottle, but still noticeable enough to catch the eye. Its a great conversation starter for your kitchen or dining room.
  • THE PERFECT ANGLE - Stores your wine at an angle that prevents the cork from drying and the wine from oxidizing.
  • REALISTIC GLOSS FINISH - Made with a glossy finish and semi-translucent polycarbonate. Believable enough to appear just like spilled wine.
  • SET OF TWO - Also available in a set of two; includes both red and white colored wine holders.
  • ATTRACTIVE GIFT BOX - makes the perfect gift for wine lovers!

Spilled Wine Bottle Holder

₪69.00 Regular Price
₪59.00Sale Price
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