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Rattler Ring - The kinetic skill toy with that crazy rattling sound! 

  • ENTERTAIN YOUR HANDS With this rattler toy, you can give your hands something to do while attending a lecture, waiting in line or sitting in traffic
  • FUN RATTLING NOISE KEEPS YOU ENGAGED This toy rattles as you play with it and sounds similar to a rattlesnake, keeping you focused while you attempt to do new tricks
  • PERFECT FOR KEEPING KIDS FOCUSED Gives kids something to do to help them channel their energy and feel accomplishment learning a fun new skill.
  • ENTERTAIN CHILDREN ON LONG CAR TRIPS Your kid won't want to stop playing with this toy long enough to ask "are we there yet?"
  • MADE WITH DURABLE MATERIALS This toy has been built to outlast years of play

Rattler Ring - Kinetic Skill Toy

₪99.00 Regular Price
₪85.00Sale Price
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