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Introducing... the World of Fun Juggling Beanbag!
No other beanbags on the market have a better value. The quality is second to none! These beanbags are made to last, so you will be able to juggle them with your grandchildren.
​Each beanbag is hand sewn and crafted in order to create the highest quality juggling experience. The cotton-blend fabric gives an extremely soft and comfortable feel, while the double-stitched seaming provides extra strength and durability.
Unlike other beanbags that are filled with rice, these beanbags are filled with premium rounded plastic pellets. This makes each catch plop perfectly and comfortabal in the palm of Because of their unique fabrication, these beanbags will not get ruined if you forget them outside in the rain or if they come in contact with water. They can even be laundered in the washing machine (cold wash only)!
​Whether you’ve just started juggling or already know a lot of tricks, this is the beanbag for you! Great for juggling workshops!


  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Price is for ONE beanbag.

Juggling Beanbags

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