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Baby Paper will be your babies favorite toy! Babies LOVE crinkles! The crinkling noice is so addictively fun your baby wont wat to put it down! Small enough for tiny hands to grasp, Baby Paper makes a "paper sound" that keeps babies occupied. So simple -yet so effective!

  • Baby Paper is a great replacement of paper napkins Baby Paper does not tear and it has a crinkle sound that keeps babies occupied
  • 6 Inches by 6 Inches of crinkly fun and small enough for tiny hands to grasp
  • Baby Paper is washable by hand or machine wash in warm water with like colors. Tumble dry low or air dry!
  • Babies just can't keep from grabbing chewing crinkling and crunching Baby Paper
  • Perfect first toy for a baby and it is simple but effective and you can take it anywhere

Baby Paper

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