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Exercise FUN

Few could have imagined that a polycarbonate sphere about the size of a tennis ball would change the way people work out and recover from injuries forever. But that's exactly what happened with the incredible popularity of the patented Dynaflex Gyro. As a result, Dynaflex has gone on to establish itself as a leader and innovator of fitness products. 
Whether you're a weekend athlete—or simply want to improve the way you look and feel—the Dynaflex lineup of exercise gyros represent the fitness breakthrough you've been looking for! So small they go anywhere, yet so powerful, you'll SEE and FEEL tremendous results in just minutes a day!

Since the late 1970's DFX was the first to manufacture, patent, and supply gyroscopic exercisers to the U.S. This 30 year process began with the "Dynabee," however we eventually reconstructed the original into our top selling Strengthening System Gyro line, and Extreme Grip Simulators. Today, Powerball Gyro's such as the Sports Pro and Platinum have evolved into miracle medicine for Carpal Tunnel, Rehabilitation, and repetitive stress injuries. 

DFX is most popularly known for creating revolutionary exercisers that improve dexterity, promote blood circulation, and strengthen, tone, and increase muscle mass with low impact resistance training. We now have sports-specific fitness gyros which simulate exact muscle movements and allow you to practice or train Anytime, Anywhere. Athletes of all spectrums including MMA fighters, rock climbers, professional shooters, and even pro BMX riders utilize our Powerball Gyros in their everyday training regimen. 

DFX Sports & Fitness is the ONLY distributor of the ORIGINAL Powerball Gyro. DFX has a proud history of promoting motivation and dedication towards advancing our products and improving physical fitness. DFX products are UAL Logo Certified, military endorsed, and PGA Tour Partners Club Member tested and approved.

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