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Discover true balance with this unpredictably fun coordination game! Seven wooden disks, each containing a magnet and an off-center pivot, are stacked up atop a sturdy wooden handle. As you grab the handle, they all spin away from each other chaotically. Can you tilt and balance them just right to swivel them back into a perfect stack?

The wild movements caused by the magnets make each experience truly unique while the simple act of stopping and focusing helps to relieve stress and ease worries. Not to mention, every time you roll into a solution, you can't help but smile!

Developed in cooperation with occupational and physiotherapists as an aid to improve fine motor skills, the True Balance game is more than just a fun toy, it's a wonderfully healthy addition to your daily routine.

True Balance

  • Unique swivel toy for practicing balance and focus
  • Encourages fine motor skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination
  • Helps relieve stress and ease worry
  • Wooden disks feature built-in magnets and off-center pivots - Swivel around chaotically
  • Try to tilt and balance the disks so they roll back into a perfect stack
  • Fun and beneficial for everyone in the family
  • Includes one True Balance device
  • High quality solid wood and metal materials - Lasting durability

True Balance

120.00 ₪Price