Stretch and squeeze hand exerciser with multiple finger positions for varied resistances. Used for grip/wrist/finger strengthening, stress relief, hand rehabilitation, and dexterity training. Made of durable TPR.


  • BEST ALL-ROUND THERAPY & EXTENSOR EXERCISER - 1) Works as a hand therapy ball (light and medium tensions) for increasing strength and range of movement. 2) Exercises the frequently ignored ‘extensor’ muscles to guard against and help relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel, arthritis and repetitive strain injury. 3) Provides basic grip training for rehabbing hands.
  • RESTORE STRENGTH and dexterity; this device is great for OT following injury, stroke or postoperative after surgery; reverse and protect your hands against arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and occupational RSI; works for both left and right hands
  • GREAT EXTENSOR EXERCISE FOR ATHLETES & MUSICIANS - completes a performance focused workout for any serious athlete or musician, by exercising the weakest hand muscles – the extensors. Alongside targeted grip training, hand flex training can help overall speed, strength and fluidity of many sports and musical performances - get the edge and make the decision to add this into your practice routine now
  • STRESS RELIEF for adults; sooth and cool your stress by squeezing for as long as you can; focus on the tension building in your muscles until they start to fatigue and then feel the relief as you release and let it all go

Thera Grip. Stretch and Squeeze Hand Exerciser