The Platinum Powerball delivers up to 45 pounds of silky-smooth dynamic resistance in the palm of your hand. The Platinum Powerball incorporates six, incredibly intense LED lights which gives you an impressive light show! The faster you increase the speed of the gyro, the brighter the show. In a matter of seconds, your entire hand is fully engulfed in lights.
If your looking to take your game to the next level and want to sculpt, shape and tone your body, the Platinum Powerball is so small, it fits anywhere... yet so powerful, people see and feel results in just minutes a day. The patented Platinum Powerball can increase grip strength, range of motion, and can also condition arms, elbows, and shoulder muscles to help aid in hand or arm injuries.

Platinum Powerball Series

₪190.00 Regular Price
₪160.00Sale Price
Color: White
Color: Blue
Color: Green

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