Experience a magical world of colour and light with this Glitter Wand Kaleidoscope. See the incredible explosion of colors and patterns as you gaze through this glitter wand holographic 6" inch kaleidoscope. This is one of the finest kaleidoscopes. Comes with a holographic glitter base and a multi color glitter tube that produces stunning visual effects. Hold the scope so the liquid filled glitter wand is vertical, then watch the beautiful rapidly changing display. View it with a light behind you for an incredible firework-like display! The shiny confetti and glitter swirl together to make uniquely beautiful patterns. This is a great way to introduce the science of optics, geometry, mirrors, patterns and other physical science principles. This is truly a beautiful and mesmerizing science toy and you will be mesmerized looking at the hypnotic display of changing colors and patterns. A wonderful toy for inquisitive minds.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Learn more about optics and optical illusions with this Glitter Wand Kaleidoscope toy.

  • Discover the world of patterns and geometry, optics, light and more!
  • Change the light source and change the angle of light hitting the kaleidoscope to create different effects. Vie it with different types of light and see the differences.




Colors may vary.

Glitter Wand Kaleidoscope