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Combine a prism and a clear marble to turn anything you look into a magical image. Comes with a holographic glitter base in a variety of bright colors.  This is a great way to introduce the science of optics, geometry, mirrors, patterns and other physical science principles. This is truly a beautiful and mesmerizing science toy and you will be amazed looking at the hypnotic display of changing colors and patterns.


Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

  • Discover the world of patterns and geometry, optics, light and more!
  • Change the light source and change the angle of light hitting the kaleidoscope to create different effects. Try it with different types of light and see the differences.
  • A great companion to any lesson on light, optics and vision as well as a fun optical illusion.


Glitter Marble Kaleidoscope size: 8 1/2"


Glitter Marble Kaleidoscope

45.00 ₪Price