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GeoFlux - Amazing Mesmerizing Interactive Spring Toy magically transforms from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid! Pass it to a friend! Like Magic! Rolls up and down your arms! What’s more, when you insert your hand through the coils GeoFlux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it’s a blur of motion. GeoFlux can then “bridge” over to your other arm, staying in perpetual motion. A fantastic party trick and exercise tool, it “fluxes” easily from person to person. Or place GeoFlux on a broom handle, lower one end slightly, and watch as it moves along the shaft, twirling so rapidly it looks like a giant soap bubble. Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel, GeoFlux folds flat for easy storage in the reusable and sealable packaging. 


Choose from five beautiful metallic colors!

Chrome, Binary Blue, Purple, Gold and Glow in the dark.


  • Made of a single Continuous Strand of stainless steel, coiled up as many rings
  • Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone
  • Put your hand through the coils, then spiral up & down your arm
  • Play solo or with a friend: roll the geoflux from one arm to the other, or pass from your arm to a friend's
  • Transport securely in included travel/storage pouch
  • How many fluxes can you do?

The Original GeoFlux - Spring Toy

₪85.00 Regular Price
₪55.00Sale Price
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